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About Us Larisa English Club. Blended Learning, The Flipped Classroom, Microlearning… No matter what method you find perfect for you, there are many ways to study, learn and speak English!
Larisa English Club About Us Information!

Last updated: August 23, 2020

About Us at Larisa English Club!

Bill and Larisa Green have been instructing ESL students since early 2008. Teaching with the highest standards is always a top priority. While Bill has taught over 15,000 hours of English, Larisa has helped many more.

Larisa Green is the president and director of “Larisa English Ukraine”. Her school was founded in 2008 in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Larisa English is well known for teaching with the highest standards possible. Due to the success on online teaching methods developed by Bill and Larisa, the brick and mortar school was closed in mid 2018. About Us Larisa English Club.

All lessons are now “On-line English lessons”. “Larisa English Ukraine” is proud to have helped thousands of students around the world. At last count, the total number of lessons taught with Larisa English exceeds 50,000.

All of the content created on this site is based on a “Real Language School” and “Real Teaching Experience!”

Over the years, Bill and Larisa have created supplemental English study resources. Books, audio, video, Powerpoint, and PDF resources are all part of Larisa English! Students around the world have benefited greatly from the educational resources created by these two innovators.

While others have created entire learning programs, Bill and Larisa have concentrated on supplementing entire English learning programs. Remember that no two students study and learn the same way in today’s world of technology.

Blended Learning, The Flipped Classroom, Microlearning… No matter what method you find perfect for you, there are many ways to study, learn and speak English!

Throughout our site, you will find thousands of resources. Every lesson you find on our site is free of charge. Study with the resources you find helpful! In addition to our free resources, we also offer language resources for purchase. By popular demand and after years of development, we decided to offer many of our supplemental English resources to students and teachers.

All of the language resources for purchase can be used to study or teach anywhere and anytime. The supplemental resources created by Bill and Larisa are the perfect addition to all study programs offered by other educators and publishers! There is no need to use the internet to study English with our resources.

When you purchase any recommended language resources from our site, you help support our efforts to help others study, learn and speak English completely free of charge!

Questions? Ideas? Maybe a quick hello! Contact Bill at [email protected]

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