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What are Superlative Adjectives? Grammar Review

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What are Superlative Adjectives? Grammar Review.

What are Superlative Adjectives? They are words used to compare a subject or object to a group! They are adjectives used to describe a lower or higher quality.

We often do not compare a subject or object with another when referring to the best or the worst! Below are a number of examples in different forms. Please note that adjectives are either regular or irregular.

Use the word “Most” before three syllable adjectives.

“One Syllable” Regular Adjectives:

Your car is the slowest!

His building is the tallest!

Her blue skirt is the shortest!

“Two Syllable” Regular Adjectives:

My wife is the happiest woman in the world!

Your project is the simplest ever!

His business is the busiest in town!

Her new dress is the prettiest color I’ve ever seen!

“Three Syllable” Regular Adjectives:

My wife’s new job is the most interesting ever!

Your car is the most expensive in the neighborhood!

His job is the most exciting he has ever had!

Some Irregular superlative adjectives are “Best, worst, least, most! Irregular adjectives must be learned by heart. The examples on the page are just that! “Examples!.” There are many more in the English language.

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