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Adjectives as Noun Modifiers Grammar Review Video

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Adjectives as Noun Modifiers Grammar Review.

Adjectives modify nouns. In other words, they change a quality or states of being of a noun.

Adjectives also describe the quantity of nouns. Words like hundreds, many, a few, ten. These are all used to describe how many or how much. Remember that adjectives describe nouns, pronouns and feelings.

Adjectives do not describe adverbs, verbs or other adverbs.

Noun Modifier Examples:

Is she wearing a new dress? Yes, she is! or No, she is not!

Is he riding his red bike? Yes, he is! or No, he is not!

Is it an old car? Yes, it is! or No, it is not!

Are you having a good time at the party? Yes, I am! or No, I am not!

Are they going to have a long vacation? Yes, they are! or No, they are not!

Are we eating spicy pizza for dinner? Yes, we are! or No, we are not!

Am I traveling to a warm country? Yes, I am! or No, I am not!

Noun Quantity Modifiers:

How many people are at this party? There are 100 people here!

How much sugar do we have? We have one pound of sugar!

How many bottles of water did you buy? I bought five bottles of water!

How much coffee would you like? Just one cup please!

How many cars do you own? I have just two cars!

How much money do you have? I have twenty dollars!

How many rooms does your flat have? My flat has three rooms!

How much juice do you drink in the morning? I usually have two glasses!

There is a lot more to the subject of Adjectives. This short lesson is just part of a series of explanations for one part of English. “How much and how many” are quantifiers in English.

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