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What are Personality Adjectives? Grammar Review Video

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What are Personality Adjectives? Grammar Review!

What are personality adjectives? Personality adjectives are used to describe a persons personality or character. Everyone has a different personality.

It is important to study and learn personality adjectives. Describing objects and people is easier with the proper vocabulary. We often use adverbs “so, very, really and quite” to emphasize adjectives. Often we use a prefix to create the opposite meaning of a word.

Positive Personality Adjectives Examples:

I like my best friend because she is always so positive!

He is a creative person in his job!

She is always frank when she shares her opinion!

It is a friendly cat. Simon is always close to me!

He is so funny. I really like his movies!

She is very entertaining. I always enjoy her performances!

It is really active today. My cat is running everywhere!

Negative Personality Adjectives Examples:

My neighbor is always acting in a negative way!

He was un-creative in his last job!

She is shy when talking about her family!

The neighbors dog is so unfriendly!

He is always so uninteresting! He sleeps all day!

She is often vague about her job!

There are many words used to describe personalities. The examples above are meant to help you with grammar, pronunciation and intonation.

Remember that we can emphasize words when a persons voice is elevated. We can also make statements stronger by speaking word for word without contractions.

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