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What is a Noun Adjective? Grammar Review

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What is a Noun Adjective? Grammar Review.

What is a noun adjective? Actually, there is no such term, but putting this subject in simple terms, it just makes sense when nouns are used in a certain way.

When we use a noun to describe another noun, it becomes a describing word. Describing words are known as adjectives. Nouns often act as describing words in English.

We often use two nouns together as a compound noun. In other words, two nouns used to describe something.

Nouns as Adjectives Examples:

Who do you work for? I work for the city government!

What is your profession? I am an article writer!

When is the computer exhibition? It is on Sunday!

Where are you going Saturday? I am going to a horse race!

Why did she go to prison? Because, she is a car thief!

Will you go to the boat race next week? Yes, I will!

Would you like to go on a Sunday picnic? I would love too!

Can we go to the bicycle shop today? Yes, why not!

Could you hand me the salt shaker? Yes, of course!

Remember that adjectives are never plural. However, some words in English are always used with an “S” to refer to a single subject! Here are a few examples!

News reporter. Billiards table. Athletics trainer. Singular.

These same nouns as adjectives can also be referred to as plural nouns by making the main noun plural. Here are a few examples!

Two news reporters. Three billiards tables. Four athletics trainers. Plural.

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