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Adverbs “Ever and Never” Grammar Review

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Adverbs “Ever and Never” Grammar Review.

The adverbs “Ever and Never” are just two of the many adverbs used in the English language.

The most common tenses these adverbs are used in, are the “Perfect Tenses”. It is quite common for these two adverbs to be used in combination.

“Ever” is often used to form questions and negatives about the past. “Never” is used for negative responses. When used in “Perfect Tenses”, we never refer to exact time.

These adverbs can also be used in simple tenses as well. Below are a few examples to study.


Present perfect tense:

Question: Have you ever been to Mexico?

Answer: No, I haven’t. or Yes, I have.

Question: Have you ever eaten sushi?

Answer: Yes, I have. or No I haven’t.

Question: Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

Answer: No, I haven’t. or Yes, I have.

Present simple tense:

Question: Do you ever read?

Answer: No, I never read. or Yes, I do.

Question: Do you ever dream of the past?

Answer: No, I never do. or Yes, I do.

Question: Do you ever eat pizza on Fridays?

Answer: Yes, I do. or No, I don’t.

Vocabulary Bank.

Combination: Two or more put together.

Mexico: A country south of The USA.

Sushi: A Japanese food.

Motorcycle: A motorized form of transportation.

Read: To study a written article.

Dream: To have experiences while we sleep.

Pizza: Food prepared with dough and toppings.

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