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Adverbs “Quickly and Fast” Grammar Review

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Adverbs “Quickly and Fast” Grammar Review.

The adverb “Quickly” is used with many tenses. It is normally placed after the main verb. When it is used with the verb “To be,” “Quickly” goes after the main verb.

The same is true with “Fast.” While they are often interchangeable, it’s important to note that they are used in colloquial speech differently. Certain word combinations are used commonly in everyday English.


Present simple, Present perfect, Present continuous.

Question: How does she run so fast?

Answer: She has a great deal of practice.

Question: Has he always run so quickly?

Answer: Yes, he has run fast all his life.

Question: Why are they running so fast?

Answer: They are late for work.

Other uses with “Quickly and Fast.”

Question: Why are you eating so fast?

Answer: I must return to work quickly!

Question: Who is that running so quickly?

Answer: That’s my mom!

Question: How did you get here so fast?

Answer: I took the subway!

Vocabulary Bank.

Adverb: Words that modify or describe “verbs, adjectives and adverbs.”

Colloquial speech: Two or more words commonly used in combination.

Everyday: This is a time adverb. Compare to daily.

Great deal: This is a quantifier. Compare to “A lot or lot’s of.”

Subway: American English. Compare to “The metro or underground.”

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