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Adverbs “Recently and Already” Grammar Review

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Adverbs “Recently and Already” Grammar Review.

The adverbs “Recently and Already” are two of the many adverbs used in the English language. No specific time is used.

These adverbs are often used with perfect tenses although they are used with other tenses as well. Recently is used to refer to a fact in the past.

Already is used to refer to a fact that is completed. Exact time is not important in either case.


Present Perfect Simple tenses:

Question: Has she already finished that book?

Answer: Yes, she has. or No, she hasn’t.

Question: Have they already eaten dinner?

Answer: Yes, they have. or No, they haven’t.

Question: Have you seen her recently?

Answer: No, I haven’t. or Yes, I have.

Other uses with Recently and Already:

Question: Did you see her recently?

Answer: Yes, I saw her at the office last night!

Question: Did you already call him?

Answer: Yes, I called him at two. or No, I haven’t.

Question: Was he already there when you arrived?

Answer: Yes, he was. or No, he wasn’t.

Vocabulary Bank.

Adverb: Words that modify or describe “verbs, adjectives and adverbs.”

Book: A written work with pages, binding and cover.

Dinner: American English third meal of the day.

Office: A place where people are employed.

Call: Communication between phones.

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