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Adverbs “Since and For” Grammar Review

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Adverbs “Since and For” Grammar Review.

The adverbs “Since and For” are two of the many adverbs used in the English language.

The most common tenses these adverbs are used in, are the “Perfect Tenses.” Since is followed by a specific time.

For is used before a time expression. “Since and For” are used to form questions, positives and negative statements. These adverbs can also be used in other ways as well.


Present Perfect Simple and Continuous tenses:

Question: Has she been here since Tuesday?

Answer: Yes, she has! or No, she hasn’t!

Question: Have you been here for twenty minutes?

Answer: Yes, I have! or No, I haven’t!

Question: Have you been cooking since noon?

Answer: No, I haven’t! or Yes, I have!

Other uses with Since and For:

Question: Can you go to the shop since I can’t?

Answer: Of course I can!

Question: Can you carry my book for me?

Answer: Yes, I would be happy to!

Question: Since I am not working, could we go to the beach?

Answer: Yes, let’s go!

Vocabulary Bank.

Adverb: Words that modify or describe “verbs, adjectives and adverbs.”

Tuesday: The day of the week after Monday.

Noon: The twelfth hour of the day or lunch time.

Shop: A place to buy something.

Beach: A place with sand next to the sea, ocean or river.

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