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Adverbs “Slowly and Carefully” Grammar Review

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Adverbs “Slowly and Carefully” Grammar Review.

The adverbs “Slowly and Carefully” are used to describe “how” we do something. These are known as “Adverbs of manner”.

They are usually put before the main verb or at the end of a sentence. “Slowly and Carefully” have similar meanings.

Many adverbs are formed by adding “l y” to the end of an adjective. Some adverbs and adjectives have the same form. Fast and Slow are just two examples.


Present continuous.

Question: Why are you walking so slowly?

Answer: I always walk slowly!

Question: Why is she counting so carefully?

Answer: To avoid errors.

Question: Does he always drink coffee slowly?

Answer: Yes, he does.

Other uses with Slowly and Carefully:

Question: Do you usually work slowly?

Answer: No! I don’t feel well today.

Question: Can you drive carefully?

Answer: Yes, I will drive more carefully!

Question: Why are you speaking so slowly?

Answer: So you can understand me!

Vocabulary Bank.

Adverbs of manner: How we do something.

Similar: Almost the same.

Meanings: The definition of a word.

Counting: To determine how many or how much.

Avoid: To not do something.

Understand: To know what someone said.

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