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English Refresher & For ESL Students.

Billgreen54 has created this refresher podcast just for you. American English Grammar Review is all about studying English again. Do you remember what verbs do?

What about nouns? Do you remember all of your pronouns? What is an interjection? Billgreen54 is an ESL teacher.

He has taught over 15,000 hours of English. In this podcast, he shares English in an understandable way. American English Grammar Review Podcast is created just for you! Have fun learning English again!

How To Learn Adjectives and Verbs!

Just ask yourself
one simple question.
Why do we use adjectives?
Well we use adjectives
for a number of reasons.
What are they?
Adjectives are
describing words.
We use adjectives
to help describe.
Hot, cold, high, low,
tall, short.
Something like that. Right?
We use adjectives
to describe nouns,
pronouns and feelings.
What? Feelings?
Well, feelings “like,
love, enjoy”.
Those are feelings. Right?
And those are adjectives.
Sounds simple.
Well, not exactly.
We need to study
some examples today.
And here are some
simple ways to
learn adjectives.
Can you find them?
Hey, are you happy?
Okay. Which word
is the adjective?
Come on, you know
that. It’s happy.
Are you happy?
Are you sad?
That’s present simple.
Isn’t it?
Present simple with
the verb to be.
Am, is, are,
was, we’re, been.
“You” is a pronoun. Yes?
Are you happy?
Of course I am.
Or yes I am.
Or no, I’m not.
By the way.
Yes, I am.
Is a sentence. Right?
I could say, just yes.
That would also
be a sentence.
That’s called
a minor sentence.
Or I could say.
I am.
That’s a minor sentence.
When we say something
and the other person
understands us.
Do we really need
to put all of
the words in there?
Is he cold?
Yes he is or no he’s not.
Is she excited?
Well, yes she is
or no she isn’t.
Don’t forget short form. Right?
We have long form.
Short form.
Yes She is or
No she’s not or
She isn’t.

Stative Verbs are used
to refer to facts without
movement or motion.
Generally speaking. Yes?
Most stative verbs
are never used
in the continuous tenses.
Be careful.
There are exceptions
to that rule.
Just ask yourself one
simple question.
Can I see it happening?
Can I see a physical
action of some kind?
If not, it’s most likely
a stative verb.
Other terminology used
for stative verbs are
state verbs and static verbs.
We use three different
terminologies for
stative verbs.
Hey! Stative verb examples.
Here we go!
Can you find the state verbs?
I understand everything
you have said.
To understand.
“Understand” is a stative verb.
And you can’t see an action.
Can you?
Ah! Let me try. Well.
No. I can’t. I’m thinking, thinking,
I can’t see an action,
when I describe this
with the word “understand.”
“You have a cold, right now.
Don’t you? You see?
I can see that, by the way.
That’s a question tag.
Another favorite part of
English. Don’t you?
This is a question tag
or tag question.
And I can see that
you have a cold.
So. Be careful with
the question mark
and this is why
I tell early learners
of English to be careful
with question tags.
Because most students
at the very early stages,
learn question marks
and the intonation. Yes?
The intonation goes up
with a question mark, but
in this particular case,
it’s not true.
The right way to phrase
or to make this statement would be.
“Ah! You have a cold right now,
don’t you?”
You see? Because I can see.
Maybe you’re sneezing.
“aaachoo” or
you are, I can see that you
have a cold.
You have a fever.
Something like that.
So. Be careful with
question tags.

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