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Correlative Conjunctions “Either / Or”? Grammar Review

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Correlative Conjunctions “Either / Or”? Grammar Review.

How to used “Either / Or” in combination examples are below.

What are they? They are words that work in pairs to join a word or a group of words of equal value in a sentence.

Note that the words used for this purpose come from different parts of English. Below are some examples to study. Ask your teacher to help further explain this subject.

Either / Or Examples:

I will either do my job or leave the company!

You can either have spaghetti or pizza for dinner!

We can either go to the beach or the movies tonight!

They are always either late or they never show up at all!

He will arrive either tonight or tomorrow afternoon!

She often comes either Saturday or Sunday!

It is my final offer, either take it or leave it!

Keep your English simple and follow basic grammar rules. The examples above are by no means a full explanation on the subject. This worksheet is meant to supplement your daily dose of English!

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