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How to Use The Conjunction “So?” Grammar Review

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How to Use The Conjunction “So?” Grammar Review.

“So” is a coordinating conjunction. Coordinating conjunctions are words placed between other words, sentences, phrases and clauses of equal importance.

They are also known as coordinators and are used to give equal emphasis to a pair of main clauses. A clause is a statement that is either true or false.

This is also known as a proposition. There are just seven coordinating conjunctions in English. They are “for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so”. Below are a few examples to study.

So” Used for a Consequence:

“I received my diploma yesterday, so I celebrated!”

“You were riding your bike too fast, so it is no surprise you crashed!

“We were late for dinner, so we just ate dessert!”

“They played cards all night, so they were very tired in the morning!”

“He works Saturdays, so he can take Mondays off!”

“She prepares soup in the evenings, so she is very healthy!”

“It operates with batteries, so it is extremely efficient!”

Practice these examples and create your own with friends, family and colleagues. Have fun learning English!

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