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English Grammar Basics is all about The English Language. This special Russian version explains each and every English example. Created for native Russian speakers, this grammar resource is perfect for beginners to intermediate learners of English.

Starting with the alphabet all the way to reported speech. This English grammar resource is the perfect addition for Russian speaking learners of English as a second language. Created with easy to understand examples. English Grammar Basics will help students of all ages. Teachers will find this book as an invaluable addition to all publications used to teach English.

Tenses are covered all the way from present simple to future perfect. An everyday irregular verb list is included. This special publication includes a 1,000 Basic English Word list. The word list has Russian translation. All words are highlighted in grammar terms. Included in this publication are short sentences created for early speakers of English.

Speaking practice is encouraged in the classroom as well as self study. English Language Bookshop

Grammar Practice Worksheets

Grammar Practice Worksheets is packed with English! Every page has basic English from Beginner to the Intermediate level.

This fantastic resource starts out with the alphabet and writing practice pages. Next is all about you. How to write personal information. Your name, birth date, phone number and more. It is the starting point to learning basic English. Next is “Days of The Week” followed by Numbers. Examples for you to study and practice writing.

Months of the Year, Seasons and Dates are all inside “Grammar Practice Worksheets.” Practice your Irregular verbs while writing short sentences. Writing practice with short present simple sentences. Verbs “Be, Do, Have” are all here for early learners of English.

Jump right into the “Perfect Tenses” and practice writing sentences. Learn about subjects like “Homophones, Math, Money, The Article, Comparatives, Superlatives” and much more! Exercises include “Quantifiers, Count and Uncountable Nouns, Pronouns, All Eight Parts of English.”

English Grammar Review

English Grammar Review is full of basic grammar. “The Eight Parts of English” is covered in depth in easy to read and comprehend lessons. This book starts with how words are created.

How do we create words in English? Why do we need an “Affix” to help with new words? What is a noun? Why are most nouns also verbs in the English language? Where do most adverbs come from? This easy to use book explains it all in plain simple English. Created by Bill and Larisa Green, English Grammar Review is perfect for ESL students as well as native English speakers.

Verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, pronouns and adverbs are all here. Bonus grammar is also included. Active and passive voice, determiners, quantifiers and partitives, time adverbs, meeting for the first time, how to say goodbye, indirect request and offer, indirect questions, negative questions and question tags are all included! Perfect as a refresher.

Teachers will discover this is a great addition to the classroom as well. English Grammar Review makes for the perfect supplement to all other English grammar resources.

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