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What are No Interjections PDF

What are “No” Interjections? Grammar Review

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Visit What are “No” Interjections? Grammar Review Audio Version and What are “No” Interjections? Grammar Review Video Version

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What are “No” Interjections? Grammar Review

Interjections are another fun part of English! Interjections are used to share thoughts, excitement, emotions, joy and more! Just one word is all it takes. Short phrases are also used as interjections. Remember that all sentences must contain at least one verb. If there is no verb, it must be another part of English grammar! The interjection “No” can be used many ways. It is used to express positive and negative statements. “No” is an adverb in English. Why? Because it modifies a sentence. However, “No” can also be referred to as a “Minor Sentence” if it is used alone. If the person listening to you understands the meaning of a single word, it is considered a “Minor Sentence.” Below are a few examples. Have fun with this subject. Ask your English teacher to further explain the subject of interjections and the word “No.”

“No” Interjection Examples

No! The weather is so nice today! (Positive)

No! I can’t believe it is raining again! (Negative)

No! She is getting married again! It is wonderful! (Positive)

No! She has divorced again! It is the third time! (Negative)

No! He is being promoted again! That is great! (Positive)

No! He was fired again! That is good news! (Negative)

Informal and sometimes slang, there are many ways to use the word “No.” There are other ways to express the same thoughts and feelings. Other words might be considered informal or slang.

Here are a few more words and expressions that are used in other ways in English to substitute for the word “No”.

No way!, Uh-uh!, Nope!, Nah!, Out of the question!, Not on your life!, Not likely!, Not in a million years!, When pigs fly!, Fat chance!

 Intonation also plays an important part to express your thoughts.

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Visit What are “No” Interjections? Grammar Review Audio Version and What are “No” Interjections? Grammar Review Video Version

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