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What are Common Nouns? Grammar Review

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What are Common Nouns? Grammar Review

First, lets describe a noun! What is a noun? “A noun is people, place, thing, idea!” Easy, right? Not really but, it is a great start! The two main types of nouns are “Proper and Common”. Common nouns are used to name general items. Common nouns are not usually capitalized. They refer to general items like “table, chair, jeans, shirt, shoes, etc.”  Nouns are often preceded by an article like “A, an, the”. Below are a few examples of common nouns. Ask your teacher for a further explanation and examples!

Common Noun Examples

I just broke my new watch. I will take it to the repair shop!

You really must buy a new pair of jeans! You should go to the store later!

We are visiting the park later! Would you like to go with us in our new car?

They asked us to attend the meeting later in the office at 2pm!

He is going to travel by train to his home next week!

She is baking pizza for us tonight! She always cooks a tasty meal!

It just jumped over the fence! I hope it comes back home soon!

I always enjoy watching movies with my wife on weekends!

You should wear your new shoes to the party tomorrow!

We are going to a restaurant with friends tonight!

They are moving to a new home in a big city soon!

He wanted to eat a cheeseburger at the bistro in the park!

She asked for a ride to catch the bus on time!

It has been a warm summer this year!

I have always wanted to visit my cousins in their city!

You should come to the museum with us tomorrow!

We traveled by plane to our new home!

They visited the beach and walked on the sand!

He invited her to his country for a month!

She called me at work yesterday to invite me to a picnic!

It is always cold in winter in the mountains!

Visit What are Common Nouns? Grammar Review PDF Version and What are Common Nouns? Grammar Review Video Version