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Words, Words, Words? Grammar Review Video

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Words, Words, Words Grammar Review.

English is a rich language in so many ways. The English language starts with simple words. The verb “To be” is just the beginning of your English learning adventure. Nouns are next.

Vocabulary is needed to be able to speak about different subjects. Remember that words are just words until we decide to use them in a certain way. Below are common examples of different ways we use the same word.

Examples with the word “Paint.”

Noun: I am going to buy some paint.

Noun with a suffix: I just bought this interesting painting.

Gerund: My friend likes painting.

Adjective with suffix: It is a paintable surface.

Verb: They will paint the house next week.

Verb with a prefix: We must repaint the house next week.

Compound noun: I just bought a paintbrush.

Job or profession: She is an artistic painter.

Idiomatic Phrase: I always paint my face in the morning!

Idiomatic Phrase: Let me paint a picture for you!

Idiom: We are going to paint the town red tonight!

Search your dictionary for each example! Remember that words in English are often used many different ways. There is a new word created every 89 minutes in the English language. Be creative! Maybe you will create the next new word in English!

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